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Ending a Living Together Relationship In Snohomish County And Skagit County, Washington?

If you live with a domestic partner in the State of Washington, whether or not your partnership is register you acquire certain property and parenting rights. In many respects, Washington courts view living-together relationships much like divorce. In the first place, Washington is a community property state. That means that all property and assets acquired during the relationship may be categorized as joint or community property and subject to valuation and equitable distribution. This includes pensions and qualified retirement accounts. In addition, many businesses in the state recognize domestic partnerships for eligibility for health care and other company benefits. Upon dissolving the living-together arrangement, the covered partner may remain eligible for insurance benefits, rather than expensive COBRA.

The State of Washington recognizes living-together relationships as a legitimate domestic relationship and grants many rights and privileges of marriage to the parties. Depending upon your circumstances, about the only thing that is not available is maintenance (often called "alimony" in other states).

Courts look at every case as a unique situation. The duration of the relationship is often a critical component of whether you will receive property rights. Your parenting rights are addressed separately under the paternity statutes and you may find the need to create two separate actions and then consolidate them. Have you been living together in a committed relationship long enough? Call me to discuss your circumstances.

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