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Different lawyers take different approaches to divorce and family law services. Divorce can be as messy and costly as the attorneys and their clients make it. At The Law Office of Robert N. Getz, P.S., my professional staff and I simply believe there is a better way.

I am attorney Robert N. Getz. I provide family law services for clients in Snohomish County and Skagit County, Washington. Call toll free 866-460-2535 for a free initial 10-minute phone discussion. I cannot give legal advice over the telephone. You may also contact my office by email to describe your situation and arrange an initial consultation at my office in Everett.

The Collaborative Approach Will Make Sense Now — And In Your Future

We all seem to know someone who suffered the expense and emotional turmoil of an ugly divorce. In an effort to unplug the courts from needless trials, the State of Washington passed the Uniform Collaborative Law Act,* which encourages divorcing spouses to submit their litigation to a collaborative process such as mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution. Working with their attorneys, parties are expected to try their best to come to terms over contested issues such as child custody and parenting time, marital property settlements and spousal support. As a proud member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, I have seen firsthand how efficient and cost-effective a negotiated settlement can be. Perhaps more important, statistics indicate that couples who settle their disputes through mutual mediation and respect are far more likely to remain satisfied with their final divorce judgment over the years.

As A Certified Assistant Scuba Instructor, I Know To Look Beneath The Surface

As a professional assistant scuba instructor, I understand the importance of looking for dangers beneath the surface of an issue. I will help you take a long-range view of an outcome that makes the most sense for you and your family. As your lawyer for divorce, probate matters and personal injury claims, my job is to keep you on an even keel as I help you navigate the legal waters as smoothly as possible.

Scuba divers never dive alone. I understand the importance of sharing information and communication between partners. I promise that you will feel part of a team approach throughout your case. We will work directly together from start to finish and you are free to call me whenever you have a question or just want to talk about a concern. If you are like many people, you may be able to handle some of the legal components of your case yourself. In that case, I can unbundle and tailor my services to help you with just the specific service you need.

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Call my office toll free at 866-460-2535 for a free initial 10-minute consultation or use the convenient contact email form to arrange an initial office consultation. My office hours in Everett are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, with a one-hour lunch break from noon to 1 p.m. Evening and weekend consultations may be available by special arrangement. Validated free off-street parking is available.

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*Washington Courts — Uniform Collaborative Law Rules