Probate and the DIY will

| Jun 1, 2018 | Probate

Washington residents who want to ensure that their assets and beneficiaries are protected in the event of their deaths have a lot to do to make sure it is done. It would be nice to believe that a do-it-yourself will would be sufficient. However, at the end of the day, such a will may not hold up in probate.

There are a lot of times that jumping on the DIY bandwagon is a good thing. When it comes to any type of estate planning, this may be a good time to pass. DIY estate planning products are very basic. They do not take into account state laws; they only cover the necessary federal laws.

A will should not be a one-size-fits-all form. It is a very personal thing — something that should be created to fit one’s specific needs and wants. It should be something that takes into account state laws and offers the protections needed to hold up in state court. A DIY will is more likely to be challenged and invalidated than a will set up with the help of an experienced attorney.

The probate process in Washington can be challenging to get through. It can be even harder to get through if there are concerns over will validity or if there is a lack of asset and beneficiary protections. All of that may be avoided by skipping the DIY products and turning to a skilled estate planning attorney to set up a will or any other estate planning products that would best suit one’s needs.

Source:, “Do-It-Yourself Wills: Should You Write Your Own Will?“, Julie Garber, Accessed on May 30, 2018