Why protecting personal data matters during divorce

| Jun 29, 2018 | Divorce

Every year, numerous couples in Washington and elsewhere decide to end their marriages. When going through the divorce process, there is a lot on one’s plate. It is easy to overlook things that can cause issues now or down the line. For example, failing to protect digital accounts can result in the other party stealing and using information in order to get a better settlement.

No one wants to believe that the person he or she shared a life with would do such a thing. Unfortunately, divorce does not tend to bring out the good in people. Some individuals are amazed to find how far their spouses will go in order to hurt them or achieve more out of the divorce.

Technology today makes it very easy for spouses to access each other’s personal accounts. Apple products, for instance, have the ability to sync across devices. This means that spouses can see each other’s user names, passwords, messages, emails and much more on their iPhones, iPads and computers. When considering filing for divorce or after getting the dissolution process started, one should strongly consider un-syncing devices and updating passwords in order to protect their private information.

Every divorce case is different. Some spouses can approach the matter in a conflict-free way, while others may find themselves fighting about everything. It is difficult to know how it will go until one is in the throes of it. Even if one thinks it will be an amicable affair, protecting personal data from the get-go is wise. Washington residents who are considering divorce can turn to an experienced family law attorney who can offer more information on this topic.