How does divorce mediation work?

| Jul 12, 2018 | Mediation

Washington residents who are ready to end their marriages are typically required to utilize an alternative dispute resolution method to come to settlement terms rather than turn straight to litigation. Whether by one gets to mediation by choice or force, it can result in fair and balanced divorce settlements for most couples. How does mediation work?

The mediation process involves both parties meeting to discuss the terms of their divorce with a neutral third-party present. The mediator’s goal is to keep the conversation going, not to side with either party. Legal counsel can be present during these sessions if desired, or any proposed terms can be taken to one’s attorney for review before accepting.

Divorce mediation tries to accomplish three goals. The first is to create a mutually acceptable divorce settlement. The second it to save a couple time and money, as litigation accomplishes neither one of these things. Finally, the third goal is to minimize hostility, which is often seen in divorce cases.

Is mediation perfect? No. It does not work for everyone. That does not mean it is not worth trying. If it does not seem to be going anywhere, it is possible to move the case to court.

Washington residents who are seeking marriage dissolutions have various options to get it done. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Mediation is just one option that has proved successful for many couples. Those who want to know more about it and how an experienced divorce attorney can be of assistance through the mediation process can ask their legal counsel about it.