Washington probate: Why challenge a loved one’s will

| Sep 21, 2018 | Probate

Losing a loved one is never an easy thing to go through, even if it is really for the best due to age or illness. When it happens, there will likely be the desire to get through the probate process as swiftly as possible. However, depending on how his or her will was written, it may be wise to slow things down and challenge the contents, which can be done in a Washington probate court.

Why challenge a will? There are a number of reasons to do it. Maybe one’s loved one made last minute changes due to the influence of certain individuals. Maybe one is concerned about his or her loved one’s mental capacity at the time the will was written. Maybe there are concerns about the will’s overall validity due to a lack of witnesses at the signing.

Whatever the reason for challenging a will, one needs to have evidence to back up any claims made. Sometimes, this evidence can be difficult to come by. This is where legal counsel can prove particularly helpful.

Those individuals who are working on closing out estates in Washington can turn to an experienced probate law attorney for assistance with the matter. Those who have questions to raise may do so. Those who simply are not sure how probate works can get step-by-step guidance. Those who wish to challenge will content can get help going about it the right way and further assistance finding evidence to support their claims. The probate process can be long and grueling, but with the right help, one can get through it in a timely manner.