Watch what you post to social media during your divorce

| Sep 7, 2018 | Divorce

A good number of Washington residents have social media accounts to which they post photos, videos and their personal thoughts. There is nothing wrong with this as long as one realizes this information shared with the public might be used against them in court. Those going through the divorce process would be wise to reconsider their social media habits.

Dissolving a marriage is often a stressful and frustrating time in one’s life. It can be tempting to turn to social media to air one’s grievances on the matter. It can be tempting to bash one’s ex or overshare private details. Before doing any of the above, think about children — if applicable — and if they will see the information being put out there. Think about how this information could be used to hurt one’s final divorce settlement — because it can — and think about what friends and family really need to know about your private family affairs.

If one takes a moment and looks at the bigger picture, he or she may realize that sharing divorce details and drama online will not help anybody. In fact, it can cause a lot more harm than it can do any good. This is why many people are advised to stay away from social media during the divorce process and told to exercise caution when posting after their divorces are finalized.

Social media, love it or hate it, is not going away. The courts know this and may consider the information found in these accounts when deciding divorce cases. Right or wrong, this is what it is. Washington residents can help themselves and their divorce settlements by practicing social media responsibility and by turning to an experienced attorney who can help them address any concerns that have arisen over their social media usage.