Giving children a say in child custody matters

| Oct 5, 2018 | Child Custody

If your children are young and you are going through the divorce process, you and your spouse or the courts are expected to come up with a custody plan that is best for them. If your children are a little older and in a place where they can really express their wishes regarding with whom they wish to live, they may have a say in the process. If you want to allow your child to have a say in child custody matters, you may need help to get a Washington family court judge on board if your soon-to-be ex does not agree.

Not all states are open to considering a child’s wishes when it comes to child custody. Luckily, here it is possible. The courts in Washington understand that children are people with feelings and thoughts that should not be ignored. The problem is determining when those thoughts and feelings should be considered.

In order to determine if a child should have a say in the process, a judge will look at a number of factors. These include the child’s age, his or her maturity level, his or her ability to understand the consequences of the decision. In many cases, the courts will wait until a child is a teenager to consider his or her opinion about custody; however, it may be possible for a younger child to have a voice on the matter if the court feels he or she is ready to.

If you want your child to have a say and he or she is still on the younger side, it may take a lot to get the judge on board. With the assistance of legal counsel, your position can be heard, as may the position of your child. To learn how a Washington-based family law attorney can help you and your child achieve the child custody arrangements you both desire, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.