The dos and do not’s of divorce

| Nov 16, 2018 | Divorce

For most couples who are getting ready to end their marriages, the process of doing so is not an easy one. It takes time building a relationship, and it takes time to split it apart — especially if there are children involved. This week, this column will address some do’s and do not’s of divorce that every couple in Washington preparing to navigate the divorce process should know.

First, the do’s. This list is going to be a bit longer than the do not’s. Here it goes:

  • Do be reasonable: Set realistic expectations and be willing to negotiate. This will go a long way toward achieving a fair divorce settlement.
  • Do take care of the children: Divorce does not end one’s responsibility towards one’s children. Financial and emotional support throughout the process will help them through this difficult time.
  • Do investigate marital assets: It is impossible to get one’s fair share of the community property if one does not know what assets there are to split.
  • Do learn about divorce options: There is more than one way to get through the divorce process.
  • Do seek help: The divorce process is not something anyone has to go through alone.

Second, the do not’s. This list may be a bit shorter, but it is just as important. The do not’s include:

  • Do not let frustration win: It is easy to lose one’s cool during the divorce process. This simply does not help the situation and can affect their final settlement agreements.
  • Do not hide assets: This is illegal and will only hurt one later when it is discovered — which it usually is.

There are other do’s and do not’s of divorce, but these lists cover some of the biggest ones. Ending one’s marriage can be a difficult process, but by going about it in the right way one can get through it as quickly as possible all while achieving a fair settlement. Washington residents can turn to an experienced divorce attorney who will be able to help them keep their focus on what really matters as they work through the dissolution process.