The high cost of divorce

| Nov 2, 2018 | Divorce

Washington residents who are ready to end their marriages may not be ready for the financial fallout that may follow. Not only can the divorce process cost quite a bit, but each party may walk away with less than they thought they would. There are some things people can do to transition into post-divorce life financially prepared.

Do number one: make a plan. Those who have a financial plan in place are better prepared to handle post-divorce finances. While there may be some unknowns until the dissolution settlement is finalized, one can plan to live one his or her expected single income. Anything he or she receives on top of that will be great padding.

Do number two: keep tax consequences in mind. Certain aspects of a divorce settlement may be subject to taxation. Keep that in mind when negotiating. No one wants to be left having to pay a hefty tax bill when all is said and done.

Do number three: understand what is worth fighting for. When starting the divorce process, one might have a list of things he or she wants. At the end of the day, there are some things that may not prove worth fighting for as doing so will hurt one’s financial situation.

The high cost of divorce goes beyond paying legal counsel and court costs. Washington residents who are not careful could end up with far less than they should by not being prepared and by fighting for things that may actually hurt them financially in the long run. Legal counsel can help one keep the bigger picture in mind so that a divorce settlement is achieved that is beneficial in the long-term.