Can a credit score be impacted by divorce?

| Jun 25, 2019 | Divorce

Some changes definitely accompany the end of a marriage. Divorce affects a number of things in each spouse’s life, including financially, but can separation or divorce actually affect a person’s credit score? Experts say that divorce doesn’t directly impact a credit score since marital status is not included on a credit report. What does, however, are the often financial woes that divorce may cause some Washington couples since going from a possible two-income to a one-income household may pose problems.

Spouses who divorce or separate may be saddled with debt they might find difficult to manage — such as credit card payments or personal lines of credit. Add to that having to pay a mortgage or rent and utility bills and the financial picture could become overwhelming. Missed payments on a regular basis could cause a person’s credit score to plummet.

With a little planning, a person may be able to adjust his or her lifestyle to reflect a new way of life on a single income. Planning and budgeting may go a long way to reducing financial stress for the newly single. Staying on top of payments is one way of ensuring a credit score won’t be affected by a divorce situation.

A Washington attorney understands how divorce impacts various areas of a client’s life. A lawyer can not only offer legal advice on the divorce process, but may be able to help a client in financial distress by offering the names of other experts who may be able to help. These individuals could include accountants or financial planners.