Communication during divorce necessary, harassment is not

| Aug 9, 2019 | Divorce

Ending a marriage is a difficult and emotional thing. When going through the divorce process, some individuals in Washington and elsewhere will do things that they think are okay, while their spouses may view those things as harassment. A recent story about communication and harassment during divorce proceedings was recently published. It certainly brings into focus differing views on what is and is not deemed acceptable communication frequency with one’s soon-to-be ex. 

According to the article, one man was recently ordered to limit the number of times he texts his ex to one time per day. He was allegedly sending, on average, 14 messages per day. His wife complained that this had been going on for nearly a year. A judge agreed that his communication efforts qualified as harassment. If he fails to stick to the rule of one text per day, this gentleman could find himself behind bars. 

The man is appealing the judge’s decision. He claims the bulk of the texts were made on a text chain between him, his kids’ nanny and his estranged wife. He does not want the judge to permanently limit his access to his children — who are all toddlers. Only time will tell how this case plays out.

Communication is key to getting through the divorce process, particularly if one has children. However, one’s communication efforts need to be responsible and reasonable. Washington residents who believe that they are the victims of harassment or who are being accused of harassment during divorce proceedings can take steps to fight it. Legal counsel can help one stay on target, set acceptable communication terms and help one finalize the dissolution so that both parties can move on.