Filing for divorce from a narcissist?

| Oct 4, 2019 | Divorce

Narcissism is a personality disorder that more people seem to have now than in years past. A narcissist is someone who, in short, is a selfish bully. He or she can seem charming and loving one minute and then emotionally abusive and cruel the next. Washington residents who are currently in relationships with people who have this mental disorder, and wish to file for divorce, can certainly do so. They just need to be ready to expect a fight.

When a narcissist feels slighted in any way, he or she will hang on to those feelings. These individuals struggle through divorce and may not move on even when their relationships are over. When going through the dissolution process, narcissists are often unwilling to compromise. They are angry, vindictive and will do what they can to limit how much their spouses receive in their divorce settlements — particularly when it comes to the terms regarding children and finances.

Most people believe that a contentious divorce results from both parties being selfish and stubborn. The truth is, non-narcissist spouses often take on a defensive stance in order to protect themselves and their children from further emotional abuse and being taken advantage of during the dissolution process. Doing this is understandable, but it can paint these individuals in a bad light, which can ultimately affect their divorce settlements.

When divorcing a narcissist, it is okay to fight for oneself and one’s children. How one goes about it, though, matters. Difficult as it may be, non-narcissist spouses, whether they reside in Washington or elsewhere, are better off if they refuse to engage in the same behaviors as their narcissist spouses. Taking the higher road, along with seeking out legal counsel who is ready to fight for them, can go a long way in helping them receive fair and balanced divorce settlements.