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Estate planning mistakes lead to complications for loved ones

Creating an estate plan is different for everyone. Your plan will depend on your goals for your future, your finances and what you want to happen to your property after you pass. The most basic step in any estate plan is to draft a will, which will allow you to outline your wishes for your assets and other matters after your death.

Your mental health may affect your child custody arrangements

Mental health problems affect a large number of Washington residents. For most people, these problems are not enough to prevent them from living productive lives or taking care of their families, but for others, they are. When a married couple divorces and one spouse is dealing with a mental health problem, this is something that may come up when trying to figure out child custody. Sadly, if a mental health problem is severe enough, it could prevent the affected spouse from achieving the custody arrangement he or she desires.

What can be learned from the Stuart Scott probate case?

Stuart Scott, the former ESPN announcer, died of cancer in early 2015. Ever since his death, his daughters, co-trustees, ex-wife and Disney have all been fighting about his estate. The probate process has been going on for nearly five years now, and there is concern about how much will actually be left when all the legal proceedings are done. There is a lot that Washington residents can learn from this case.

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