Want a divorce quickly? Negotiation is key

| Jun 10, 2020 | Divorce

You work hard to bring in an income. You also have long hours. Those hours away have worn down your marriage, and your spouse decided that a divorce was the right option.

While you would have liked to have tried marital counseling and other options, you know that you’re not changing your spouse’s mind. You don’t see a reason to delay the divorce, so you’re interested in getting it over with as quickly as possible.

How long will a divorce take?

Much of how long a divorce will take depends on you. In Washington, you need to wait 90 days from the time the divorce petition is filed or served before you can terminate your marriage. So, at a minimum, it will be 90 days before you and your spouse can walk away.

You should also remember that agreeing on the terms of your divorce is important. If you don’t, then it could make the divorce take much longer. For example, if you have children but can’t agree on a custody plan, then you could find that your divorce takes weeks or months longer while you work through your dispute.

If you need a judge to help you resolve your case, it will take between five and seven months, in most cases, to get your trial date. It could take longer, though the goal of Snohomish County is to get people into hearings within around nine months of the initial divorce petition.

If you want your divorce to go quickly and smoothly, negotiating is key. Our site has more on the steps you can take to resolve your divorce quickly.