Can mediation help work out the perfect parenting plan?

| Aug 31, 2020 | Mediation

You and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse have disagreements about how you’d like to raise your children, which is completely normal. Getting a divorce makes it more complicated to make your wishes known and to keep lines of communication open, though. Additionally, you know that your spouse is angry about the divorce and tends to overreact to when conflicts happen.

In your case, all you want to do is to put together a parenting plan that guides you both, so that you can reduce the number of conflicts you have in the future. Trying to talk through this on your own hasn’t been possible, but could mediation help?

Mediation is great for parents who want to work things out

As parents, your primary goal is to raise your children well. Mediation can help you sit down and hash out the details of how you’d like to raise your children and what you expect of the other parent. There is a third-party mediator present, and you both may bring an attorney to the meeting.

With others present during your discussion, you can feel more confident that there won’t be a major breakdown in communication. If there is, the mediator is there to guide you and to get the conversation started again. With others around, there is also less chance of having a major fight, since the mediator, and your attorneys, may step in and explain when it’s time to take a break or if something has been misunderstood.

With conflict, the way forward is to improve communication. Mediation is just one way that you can improve yours with your ex-spouse.