What you need to know about mediation and how it can help in your family law case

| Jan 11, 2021 | Mediation

Communication is a critical component of any relationship. A marriage can deteriorate to the point of no return if a couple is no longer able to discuss their concerns. An inability to communicate can make it hard for a couple to sort out their differences necessary to go their separate ways. A mediator can help push these critical conversations along in hopes of you brokering an agreement, though.

What are mediators?

Mediators are impartial third parties who come to a negotiation table with two or more dueling parties to help them sort out their differences. Their sole goal is to help those two parties reach a compromise on issues. These discussions happen in a neutral setting instead of having to sort them out in the courtroom.

What are the benefits of pursuing mediation?

Mediation is ideal for divorcing couples who struggle to see eye-to-eye on critical issues such as child custody and spousal support. It allows each party to make their grievances known without incurring expensive litigation costs and dealing with a court’s limited scheduling options.

Anything that a couple discusses in mediation remains confidential instead of someone having their dirty laundry aired in court. No one can use what you say in mediation against you later in the courtroom.

What are the downsides to mediation?

Mediation isn’t the right choice for everyone. One of the benefits of pursuing litigation is that there is pretrial discovery, a process through which a spouse may have to make certain financial disclosures. A husband or wife is much more apt to hide their assets when pursuing mediation because of this.

It may not be appropriate to discuss details about your spouse’s past fidelity issues or domestic violence in mediation. You may also feel disadvantaged by not having an attorney present advocating for you in mediation sessions like you would in court.

One of the best steps you can take if you consider using mediation to broker a deal in your divorce is to sit down with an Everett mediator. You’ll want to discuss your unique situation with an attorney and then ask them questions to determine if this is the ideal option for reaching resolutions in your Washington case.