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Anatomy of a Dissolution

The process of divorce or “dissolution of marriage” as it is termed by statute, can be an extremely traumatic experience. Through our experience with many divorce cases, we have learned that the process also may be long and complicated. The “divorce” experience is a physical, emotional, and financial experience which may be a most painful experience.

We recommend you see a trained counselor who will be helpful during this time period. Our recommendation is not intended to imply there is anything “wrong” with you; rather, you are and will be experiencing a traumatic life change and that is a good time to assess where you were, are now and want to go. It is an opportunity to learn how to redefine your relationship with your former spouse. Certainly, when you share children with your spouse, you will have some relationship for the rest of your lives.

Helping You Throughout the Process

We believe if you understand the marriage dissolution process, both legally and procedurally, it will be an easier experience with which to cope. The following synopsis of divorce law in Washington State has been prepared for this purpose. Hopefully, it will answer many of your questions. However, it is simply an overview and is general in the descriptions.

Please, if you are uncertain of any issues relating to your rights and obligations, call and ask. Because you often will feel stress when considering issues, we suggest that you write your questions down. Making a list of your questions in advance will ensure that you get all of your questions answered. Email is an alternate option, but as a more efficient use of resources, you are benefited by sending a group of questions instead of sending piecemeal questions.

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