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Establishing Rules for Living Apart

Collaborative Divorce Services for Snohomish County and Skagit County

Although a legal separation seems to be something out of the distant past, in the state of Washington, there are still many solid reasons for entering a decree of legal separation instead of an order for divorce. Often this means drafting a separation agreement to ensure the enhanced enforceability of the agreements. A legal separation may permit spouses or domestic partners to remain eligible for health care benefits and save both parties the expense of purchasing those benefits at high rates. This is especially important in the event of a job loss, when expensive COBRA health insurance typically replaces employer-sponsored plans. In addition, issues of marital property and taxes can be addressed through a legal separation agreement.

Washington is a community property state. If your marriage or domestic relationship involves division of assets that will have a tax consequence after divorce or separation, I can help. I work with Certified Public Accountants and tax professionals to make sure your financial interests are protected.

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If you are considering divorce or ending a living together relationship in Washington, call me to learn more about the advantages and benefits of a legal separation agreement and your other options. My professional staff and I provide family law services for clients in Snohomish County and Skagit County, Washington. Call 425-405-6278 for a free initial 10-minute phone discussion with an experienced lawyer. I cannot give legal advice over the telephone. You may also contact my office by email to describe your situation and arrange an initial consultation at my firm, the Law Office of Robert N. Getz, P.S.

A separation agreement can address these issues prior to divorce or legal separation:

  • Continued insurance coverage
  • Parenting plans and child support
  • Property division
  • Spousal support
  • Ownership and use of primary residence
  • Debt and tax obligations

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