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Caring for Children as Circumstances Change

After a divorce, parents have to continue to focus on raising their children and protecting their interests. Family courts will do the same. Circumstances can change, and arrangements for child support and child custody may have to change with them.

When your circumstances change, my firm, the Law Office of Robert N. Getz, P.S., is there to help you seek modifications to child support and child custody requirements. My clients get the benefits of decades of experience as a family law attorney with a focus on mediation. My firm often uses mediation to resolve disputes between parents when it comes to child care agreements.

The Best Interests of the Child Come First

Whether you’re dealing with a promotion or a pay cut, or you have to cover new expenses like school expenses or medical care, I can help you seek a restructuring of child support payments so they remain equitable.

A promotion, loss of a job or any major change to a parent or child’s life may also make it necessary to revisit the child custody arrangement for the well-being of the children. My firm is here to help parents prove these changes are in the child’s best interests. I can also help you defend against a modification that your ex is seeking that you think will not benefit your children.

It is difficult to modify a child custody arrangement. Most courts focus on giving children consistency and not changing a living arrangement. Serious changes, like a new medical condition or significant danger to a child or children, must be proven for a court to change custody arrangements or parenting plans. The death of a parent will also change custody needs. I can help plan these requests for changes.

Ready to Fight for Parents’ Rights

Parents want their children to be happy. Any parent who needs a modification to child support or child custody deserves sound legal advice about their options. I am always ready to offer legal advice and refer clients to the other advice they need while trying to change parenting plans.

My law firm is in the area of Everett, Washington, and I am a lawyer who has experience with military clients, Boeing employees and other parents in the area. Email us today or call 425-405-6278 for a free consultation about your case.

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