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Everett Power of Attorney Lawyer Helps Clients Maintain Control

Washington lawyer prepares documents to be used in case of incapacity

Sometimes, physical or mental incapacity may leave someone unable to properly handle their personal affairs or finances. If so, it might be necessary to place those matters in the hands of a trustworthy friend or family member. At the Law Office of Robert N. Getz, P.S. in Everett, Washington, I am ready to help my clients prepare for their time of need by drafting and implementing a power of attorney document that makes the transfer of those responsibilities possible.

What is a power of attorney?

A power of attorney is a document by which you give another person the authority to act in your place. For instance, it can be used to address specific transactions that you aren’t in a position to handle yourself. You can also grant broad authority for someone to take care of your financial or medical decisions when you are mentally or physically incapacitated. If you need one, it’s wise to seek the assistance of a lawyer, who can make sure this important document conforms to the law and avoids common mistakes. You can count on me to carefully prepare the power of attorney you need.

Different types of powers of attorney

The most common types of power of attorneys are:

  • Limited — This type gives only limited authority to your agent. It is appropriate when you have a single transaction or type of transaction that you need your agent to handle.
  • General — This gives your agent authority to handle your overall medical and/or financial affairs. It may be necessary if you are longer capable of handling key tasks and decisions.
  • Durable — This power of attorney goes into effect upon execution and remains in force if become incapacitated. By executing one, you can be confident about the sound management of your concerns should something unexpected happen.
  • Springing — This type of document can be created years, or even decades, before it is actually used.  It only takes effect when the person executing it becomes incapacitated, and allows them to manage their own affairs as long as they are able.

I can advise you on these options in more detail, help you decide which, if any, are right for you. Once you decide I will draft the appropriate power of attorney for your situation.

How to revoke a power of attorney

There are several reasons why you might want to revoke a power of attorney, such as:

  • If the incapacity or other reason for it no longer applies
  • You want to change your agent or the terms under which they exercise their authority
  • You move to a new state
  • You are ready and able to resume handling the relevant matters yourself

You can revoke a power of attorney any time you want, as long as you are of sound mind and physically capable of doing so, either by destroying all existing copies or by a written notice of revocation. I can advise you on the procedure for accomplishing this and help you do it.

Seniors and powers of attorney

Powers of attorney are often necessary to manage the medical and financial affairs of seniors who become mentally or physically incapacitated, or who are otherwise not in a position to handle those issues. However, if your loved one resists giving you a power of attorney, it’s important to seek their consent. If it is alleged that you tried to coerce them, it might result in your power of attorney being declared void later. Should you need help, I can explain the issue honestly and sympathetically with you and your loved one.

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