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Everett Family Law Attorney Offers Protection for Life’s Milestones

Washington firm assists clients throughout the Snohomish County area

Located in Everett, Washington, the Law Office of Robert N. Getz, P.S. works hard to provide the highest levels of family law representation and service. Regardless of whether you’re seeking legal counsel for a divorce, custody proceeding or some other type of domestic concern, I make sure that you are fully aware of the relevant legal standards and everything that is happening in your case. For more than 30 years, my firm has helped residents of Snohomish and Skagit counties make successful transitions and safeguard what matters most.

Compassionate lawyer safeguards spouses’ rights during divorces

I understand the emotional toll that divorce takes. While outlining your legal options and protecting your interests, my firm can help connect you with helpful resources to navigate the rough emotional terrain. At the same time, my firm advocates to obtain terms concerning custody, property division and spousal maintenance in your marriage dissolution order. Whether the best course involves negotiations, mediation, arbitration or going to court, I will give you the information and support you need to make important decisions with confidence.

Thorough legal counselor helps parents set appropriate child custody plans

As in other states, judges issue orders on child custody and visitation in accordance with what they believe to be in the child’s best interests. In most cases, parents have the best grasp of these situations and my firm is committed to developing an equitable, comprehensive parenting plan through cooperation between the parties. After learning about key factors, such as each parent’s relationship with their child, the relative home environments and, in some cases, the child’s preference, I make every effort to construct a reliable document that covers decision-making authority, residential time and other necessary arrangements.

Skillful advocate pursues fair spousal maintenance terms

Whether you refer to it as spousal maintenance, alimony or spousal support, conflicts over payments from one ex-spouse to the other can trigger intense emotions. By explaining the relevant Washington law clearly, I can help parties gain a clear perspective on how their spousal maintenance issue might be decided in court. This can encourage divorcing spouses to come to an agreement based on the parties’ relative earning ability, the length of the marriage and the family’s lifestyle.

Dedicated lawyer assists with a full range of child support concerns

Most parents understand that, after a breakup, both have a legal and moral responsibility to provide for their child’s needs. If one party is the primary residential parent, typically the other one will be required to provide child support. I can explain the factors that are used to determine child support obligations under the state guidelines and negotiate terms to cover any extraordinary expenses that should be addressed. When circumstances shift that might lead to a change in the monthly child support rate, my firm handles modification petitions. You can also count on me for strong advocacy if an enforcement action is required.  

Qualified attorney handles family law mediation proceedings

Litigation typically uses up significant resources, and many family law disputes are better handled in a private, collaborative environment. I am a trained mediator who helps couples discuss divorce terms, parenting conflicts and other domestic disagreements. With my guidance, many parties have been able to achieve consensus and avoid court. This type of resolution can have benefits for years to come as financial and family ties often persist long after the legal matter is closed. After learning about your situation and objectives, I can give you an informed assessment as to how long the mediation process might take.

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