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Accomplished advocate handles spousal maintenance issues

Sometimes referred to as spousal support or alimony, spousal maintenance can be a prime point of contention in a divorce where one party earned all or most of a couple’s income. The Law Office of Robert N. Getz, P.S. in Everett represents parties in negotiations and court proceedings relating to alimony payments. Having served clients in Snohomish and Skagit counties for decades, you can rely on my firm to deliver the comprehensive legal support you need to pursue a fair outcome.

How do courts make alimony determinations?

Temporary support is available while a divorce is pending. My family law firm advises area clients on both temporary and post-dissolution alimony, explaining key issues such as:

  • Qualification — Maintenance is available when the facts demonstrate that the party seeking alimony needs payments to support themselves and that the potential paying spouse has the ability to provide it.  
  • Factors — A judge might examine someone’s work history and education to evaluate what type of spousal maintenance should be granted. When someone seeking support is unable to obtain suitable employment due to age, a health problem or another reason, long-term payments might be awarded.
  • Effects of a prenuptial agreement — It is permissible to address alimony issues in a written prenuptial agreement. However, a document will only be enforced if the court finds that the terms of the document are fair and reasonable. If you’re divorcing and are unsure about whether the language on your prenuptial agreement will be applied, I will advise if the document might be vulnerable to a challenge.  

Spousal support can be a highly contested aspect of a divorce, but I make every effort to establish an arrangement that both parties can accept. However, if a fair result cannot be achieved through discussions, I am always prepared to advocate for my client in court.

What is the duration of alimony?

It stands to reason that the longer someone relies on their spouse for outside income, the longer it might take for them to regain their earning ability after a divorce. Accordingly, Washington law usually ties the duration of spousal support payments to the number of years the marriage lasted. The state’s spousal support framework divides marriages into three categories: short-term (fewer than five years); medium-term (between five and 25 years) and long-term unions (25 or more years). In short-term cases, maintenance payments might not be awarded at all because not much time has passed since the parties were single. On the other hand, long-term spouses who took care of the household might not be able to find a suitable job, so alimony could be granted on a permanent basis so the recipient can maintain their lifestyle. Though there are no hard and fast rules, someone seeking alimony following a medium-term marriage might anticipate payments lasting one year for each three-to-five years that the union lasted.   

Firm advises on modification and termination of spousal maintenance orders

Maintenance arrangements are subject to the terms of a valid prenuptial agreement. If you have one of these documents in place, I can assess whether the agreement will be enforceable and, if it is, how it would affect the result in your case. Regardless of the duration set forth in the original alimony order, if the recipient remarries or either party dies, the spousal support obligation is canceled. My firm also handles actions relating to requested modification of maintenance terms when a petitioning party believes that a substantial change in circumstances justifies an adjustment.

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