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Everett Visitation Lawyer Works to Maintain Strong Parent-Child Bonds

Effective Washington attorney advises on concerns over residential time

Though Washington law uses different terminology, many divorced spouses refer to the primary residential parent as the parent who has “custody” and the other parent as the one who has “visitation” rights. Serving Snohomish and Skagit counties for more than 30 years, the Law Office of Robert N. Getz, P.S. in Everett offers sound legal and practical guidance so that Washington clients can establish fair ground rules concerning residential time with their children. Whether you are the primary residential parent or are worried about constructing a schedule that provides frequent contact with the child who no longer lives in your home, my firm will work diligently to help secure a favorable outcome.

Firm prepares thorough parenting plans for Washington clients

Drawing on decades of family law experience, I understand how to draft parenting plans that suit the needs of all parties and are likely to be approved by the judge presiding over your case. Though it’s usually best to resolve custody and visitation issues through consensus, I have a thorough understanding of the factors judges use if a residential time issue must go to court, such as the ages of the young people involved, the parents’ relationship with the children and the parents’ ability to meet the daily needs of their sons and daughters.

Experienced adviser negotiates terms relating to holiday and vacation visits

Arrangements on residential time in a parenting plan must address a wide range of subjects, including detailed instructions regarding: 

  • School breaks — Scheduling visitation for children of school age requires arrangements for the periods when school is in session and different plans to cover summer breaks. Parents should also discuss how spring break and other vacations that occur during the school year will be handled.
  • Holidays — Parties in a custody matter can agree to maintain the standard schedule for holidays or negotiate a detailed time-sharing arrangement for specific occasions, including birthdays. The standard plan provides space for each major holiday during the year as well as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. You might also wish to add particular dates associated with family events.
  • Decision-making — Washington’s parenting-plan template includes as section where authority for major decisions is addressed. The document details whether choices relating to education, healthcare and other important matters will be made jointly or handled by a particular parent. Immediate decisions involving matters such as daily activities, meals and medical treatment in an emergency are made by the parent who is with the child at the time.

My track record of handling sensitive and highly contested custody matters helps me find common ground among parents even when wide gaps exist over what is best for the sons and daughters they share.

Advocate seeks parenting plan modifications in adequate cause hearings

Parenting plans are constructed to provide children with long-term stability so any proposed change could be subject to heavy scrutiny. To pursue a modification, a party must file a petition declaring that a substantial change in circumstances justifies a revision. From there, you can schedule an adequate cause hearing where the court determines if the evidence would compel a modification. This request must be filed with the court and served on the responding parent.

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The Law Office of Robert N. Getz, P.S. in Everett advises parents in Snohomish and Skagit counties on concerns relating to visitation and other aspects of parenting plans. To schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation, please call 866-360-8050 or contact me online

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