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Your mental health may affect your child custody arrangements

Mental health problems affect a large number of Washington residents. For most people, these problems are not enough to prevent them from living productive lives or taking care of their families, but for others, they are. When a married couple divorces and one spouse is dealing with a mental health problem, this is something that may come up when trying to figure out child custody. Sadly, if a mental health problem is severe enough, it could prevent the affected spouse from achieving the custody arrangement he or she desires.

When creating a parenting plan, the specifics matter

In the state of Washington when a couple with children divorces, a custody plan has to be created. Shared custody is the arrangement of choice, though, there are cases where sole custody with or without noncustodial parent visitation rights is appropriate. When shared custody or visitation is on the table, it is necessary to come up with a parenting plan for how the family schedule will work. In doing so, remember that the specifics matter.

Rules to follow when a joint child custody plan is in place

When a couple has children and they choose to divorce, figuring out the best custody plan can be a bit of a challenge. The state of Washington, like most other states, promotes joint child custody when appropriate. Studies show that having access to both parents has long-term benefits for the affected children. Unfortunately, parents sometimes struggle to make this type of custody arrangement work. Here are a few ground rules that they can follow to make joint custody more manageable.

Giving children a say in child custody matters

If your children are young and you are going through the divorce process, you and your spouse or the courts are expected to come up with a custody plan that is best for them. If your children are a little older and in a place where they can really express their wishes regarding with whom they wish to live, they may have a say in the process. If you want to allow your child to have a say in child custody matters, you may need help to get a Washington family court judge on board if your soon-to-be ex does not agree.

Washington child custody: Creating parenting plans that work

When a couple decides to split up and each party goes their separate ways, there are a lot of things, both big and small, to figure out. If the couple has children, they will need to work out child custody. There are two ways to set up a parenting plan in Washington -- through negotiating the matter or by going to court.

What can be learned from the Pitt-Jolie child custody case?

Every year, numerous married couples in Washington and elsewhere decide to call it quits. There is nothing wrong with divorce, as it allows both parties to move forward in their lives. Divorce can be difficult for children, though, and the courts will do everything possible to ensure child custody arrangements are created that will serve the best interests of the kids.

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