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Anyone Who Can Ask About A Will Should Have One

Wonder If You Need One? You Do.

People may wonder if they need a will. If someone can ask the question, the answer is probably yes. Wills are more than a list of who gets things after someone dies. It is an important document that can save money and solve disagreements for family, friends and organizations who people want to benefit from their estate.

My law firm, Law Office of Robert N. Getz, P.S., can help turn the ideas for an estate into a properly executed last will and testament. These official documents take the weight of concern and expense off of our clients’ heirs. The right will also speeds up the probate of an estate, which actually disperses the assets of an estate according to law and the wishes of the deceased.

A Will Can End Disputes Before They Begin

Disputes can arise with estates all the time. Spouses and former spouses may feel entitled to parts of a person’s estate under Washington state law or their own assumptions. Children may also argue against a will’s provisions or claim property in probate in the absence of a will. If real estate or other assets of value are under tax liens or other encumbrances, heirs and recipients may not know how to pay them off and may lose the value of the assets without a proper will.

Wills can also ensure the future of children and grandchildren. Although trusts and other financial instruments require other documents and processes, a will can set up the legal basis for the right arrangements to share and preserve wealth for future generations. Families are often glad of the ability to know how bequests will affect their financial health.

The best argument for having a will is the indisputable agreement on how heirs and beneficiaries should receive their bequests. If the maker of a will has no children or family, charities and benevolent organizations may make excellent use of a person’s assets after death.

Take Comfort In The Right Plan For Your Estate

Anyone over the age of 18 with the necessary mental capacity can make a will under Washington state law, and anyone who can should consider their families and loved ones by making one with the help of an attorney. I am always ready to help with will setup for the residents of Everett, Washington, working for their families and loved ones by specifying who receives their assets in the event of their death.

I am an estate planning lawyer who offers free, no-obligation consultations to help clients understand drafting and executing wills. Email me today or call 425-405-6278 to learn how I can help you.